Could your stamps and postcards be worth a mint?

Could your stamps and postcards be worth a mint?

28/07/2022     General News, Latest News

Both areas have seen a recent surge in popularity, especially among the younger generations who can easily share their passion via social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.

It is almost as if technology – which was once seen as contributing to a decline in stamp collecting – is now aiding its recent growth. It is now far easier to buy and sell online and connect with other enthusiasts and many people are either returning to their old collections with renewed vigor or starting afresh with a new hobby.

Indeed, Philately – the official term given to stamp collecting – is currently the world’s most popular collectible and Deltiology (postcard collecting) is just behind it in second place. There are also many emerging markets like China where there are millions of stamp collectors investing time and money in the pursuit.

It’s easy to see why the activity is so popular. It can be pursued on many levels, from single purchases costing just a few pounds to entire collections worth thousands. Stamps and postcards are also relatively easy to come by, convenient to display and store and offer boundless possibilities of subject matter ranging from different time periods and countries to topics as diverse as natural history and sport.

To meet this rising demand, Elstob & Elstob has just launched a new Department of Stamps, Postcards and Postal History, led by top expert Trevor Chinery. With over 25 years’ experience as a collector and dealer, Trevor is ideally placed to help people buy and sell in this buoyant field.

If you are thinking of selling, or maybe have some old collections from times gone by tucked away in your drawers, then why not see what they are worth? Some stamps in particular are reaching very high prices. For example, in 1972, if you spent £50 on a £1 booklet of DX1 stamps, today it could be worth a catalogue price of £2,750.

Trevor will be hosting a special (by appointment) valuation event at our Ripon saleroom on Thursday 16 September. Please do bring in your collections for him to look at. If desired, items valued on the day will be considered for the next available sale.

To make an appointment, please call us on 01765 699200 or email: